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John Graybeal escribió:
> Raúl,
> These are good suggestions.
> Insofar as we have made a preliminary choice as to which ontologies to 
> investigate further, I am wondering if these additions need to be filled 
> out for the original candidates?  I think many of the candidates fell 
> short at a far lower mark, and the ones remaining will be evaluated at a 
> detailed level as they are incorporated (effectively achieving an 
> immediate evaluation on these points).
> I would propose to include your suggestions in the template list of 
> attributes (and you may feel free to add them, or I will).  We could 
> also choose to add them to each individual list also if you would like, 
> but I am not sure that is worth the time.  What do you think?

I also think that it is not worth to revisit again all the ontologies, 
just taking those attributes into account in the ones that we will 
further evaluate is enough.

> One thing I would like to do in any case is include them in material MMI 
> [1] has for evaluating ontologies, as they seem like important 
> criteria.  Please let me know if that is any problem.

No problem at all. :)

> [1]
> On Jul 7, 2009, at 5:54 AM, Raúl García Castro wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I have a couple of comments regarding the ontology attributes that we 
>> are using to describe the ontologies:
>> In the ontology attributes we already take into account some aspect of 
>> the ontology quality: that the ontology is well documented.
>> Nevertheless, from our experience, there are other aspects that are 
>> highly relevant such as the lack of anomalies (redundancies, 
>> inconsistencies, etc.) in the ontology, which are important to know to 
>> decide whether to reuse some ontology or part of it.
>> Also, regarding the reliability (trust) of the ontology, now we 
>> already consider if the ontology is maintained/supported by some 
>> organization and its adoption.
>> In this case, other relevant factors could be if the model described 
>> by the ontology is supported by some theory and if the ontology has 
>> been formally evaluated.
>> Kind regards,


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