Comments to the ontology attributes

Dear all,

I have a couple of comments regarding the ontology attributes that we 
are using to describe the ontologies:

In the ontology attributes we already take into account some aspect of 
the ontology quality: that the ontology is well documented.
Nevertheless, from our experience, there are other aspects that are 
highly relevant such as the lack of anomalies (redundancies, 
inconsistencies, etc.) in the ontology, which are important to know to 
decide whether to reuse some ontology or part of it.

Also, regarding the reliability (trust) of the ontology, now we already 
consider if the ontology is maintained/supported by some organization 
and its adoption.
In this case, other relevant factors could be if the model described by 
the ontology is supported by some theory and if the ontology has been 
formally evaluated.

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Dr. Raúl García Castro

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Received on Tuesday, 7 July 2009 12:54:42 UTC