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Luis Bermudez wrote:


> Senors and sensor system can be model as process ( they can get some 
> input and can produce some output). We are mainly interested in the 
> output, this is why "process" is important

Hmm, in my domain, process is an active component, whereas what you 
describe, I would describe as a data stream (processing) system.

> Sensors and platform  have components, these is why they can be model as 
> systems

If you think in terms of hardware only, yes. What about the OS of a 
sensor? Like TinyOS - what would that be?

> System and Process are two independent concepts. Maybe we should leave 
> them that way and say sensor is subclass of both.


For me a sensor can be part of a process. A process can use sensors. On 
the other hand a sensor can also implement a process. A system on the 
other hand can consist of sensors and processes.

Am I misunderstanding "system"?

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