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Hi Mike - 

A clarification relating to semantic annotations and xlink: 

In GML-style XML documents, xlink:href plays the same role as rdf:resource
in an RDF/XML document. 
I.e. it holds a pointer to external resource, which could be pasted inline
as an anonymous node with equivalent semantics. 
This is a basic GML pattern and is explained in the GML spec clause 7.2.3. 
The examples involving xlink:href in Figure 2 aren't exactly 'annotations',
more 'composition by inclusion of remote resources'. 

So I'm not sure if the example supports the point you are making. 

You comment 'XLink has no predefined mapping to RDF.' 
As mentioned above, _as used in GML documents_ xlink:href maps to

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Hi all,

Sorry it's so close to the SSN'09 deadline, but with help from Cory and
Holger, I (finally) have a survey paper.  Please read, comment, etc.  

(there are a couple of obvious tweaks/FIXME's yet to be made)


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