Re: SSN-XG Meeting Minutes 12-August-2009

In regards to the last 2 action items:  I have created a page at

to list the use cases that we think are important.  You will see  
instructions at the top of the list on how to edit this page,  
hopefully it's all self-explanatory.

If that's just too much work, you can email me your 1-line use case  
description, and I will update the page accordingly.

Wherever possible, it will help to reference source material for the  
use case, to provide more in-depth material. I have gone through all  
the material cited on the use cases page and pulled every use case  
that I could derive from those materials. (I omitted or refined some  
MMI use cases that I thought were unhelpful.)

Although I thought at first everyone should get one vote, that may be  
too rigid.  Since we can see who has voted, we can let this resolve  
itself organically. Everyone knows we have time constraints, so voting  
for 5 or 10 use cases is probably not sensible.  (Holger, feel free to  
set an arbitrary rule about how many votes and how they can be  

Hope this helps.


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> Hi all,
> Thank you for attending the telephone conference and for the good  
> discussion.
> The draft minutes are available at:
> Summary of Action Items
> [NEW] ACTION: Holger to edit wiki to reflect scribe list [recorded  
> in]
> [NEW] ACTION: Holger will follow up with Simon re use cases  
> [recorded in]
> [NEW] ACTION: All to send desired ontology capabilities to the  
> mailing list [recorded in 
> ]
> [NEW] ACTION: JohnGraybeal will create a page on the wiki with brief  
> description of use cases (what the ontology should be used for),  
> send here rather than the mailing list [recorded in 
> ]
> The XGs Wiki page is accessible at:
> Please let me invite you to use this forum for discussions on the  
> development of the Semantic Markup and the Ontology.
> Cheers,
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