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FW: [opensocial-community] Discussion from board meeting on Terms and Conditions...

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Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 14:17:44 +0200
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This mail was just posted to the OpenSocial mailing list. I think it is relevant to our work on privacy and best practices. There has been mentions of SWXG on that list before and some indications that they would be interested in discussions. What is the current status on liaisons with OpenSocial and the invitation to Chris Chabot, Kevin Marks as guest speakers?


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During the board meeting the other day, there was a discussion around
the emerging importance of the REST APIs as an integration strategy.
We've certainly seen this use case crop up in a number of areas. I
believe it was mentioned by Dan P. that one of issue that often
prevents this kind of integration is the TOCs that govern a social
networking site. At one point, it was suggested that the industry may
need a common set of TOCs to help address this problem (lots of
grumbling at mention of this).

One thing that came to mind during this discussion was the "Health
Data Bill of Rights" (http://www.healthdatarights.org/home). It would
be interesting if there were a similar set of principles that Social
Networking sties followed. So rather than try to solve the problem of
a common set of TOCs, we can try to establish a set of principles that
each site could opt into independent of their TOCs. This may help
foster the integration across sites.

On a related thought.... On Sept 10, Twitter updated its TOCs (http://
twitter.com/tos). One nice thing about what they did was provide
"Tips" included on the page in the relevant sections. Particularly
nice is the "Your Rights" section. Here, they lay out the legal terms,
but then state rather plainly what the legal language is enabling.
Perhaps more importantly, they clearly state who owns what... "But
what's yours is yours--you own your content."

While this topic is not directly related to the spec or
implementations of OpenSocial since it came up on the board meeting
call, I figured I'd throw it out on the community list. Just thinking
out loud.....

-Mark W.

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