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Re: Google Wave, the role of the W3C, and maybe some neat tech work

From: Peter Ferne <petef@jivatechnology.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 09:28:42 +0100
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To: Socialweb XG Public <public-xg-socialweb@w3.org>
On 9 Oct 2009, at 18:57, Harry Halpin wrote:

> I'd to hear what people think about Google Wave, and the role of the
> W3C in particular in this area.  Google has, like Peter did with
> Jabber, committed to making Google Wave an open system, and this is
> shown by its federation of using XMPP. The protocol is currently
> written as a spec [1].

There is also work afoot on the mailing lists to define the client- 
server protocol using XMPP (currently unspecified and based on  
protobufs). It is clearly vital to have an open standard for this too.  
Google are supportive of this idea but have said it is not a priority  
for them.

> Interestingly enough, like FOAF, security is
> provided via TLS, using a combination of URIs and ID strings. However,
> user-data is not federated, that is, not shared with other wave
> providers. This seems like an interesting place for FOAF/Linked Data
> to step, as well as non-Semantic Web mechanisms like XRD-S and
> Portable Contacts

Interesting idea.

> What do people think, or have any ideas here? Does anyone know of any
> work in this area? Or would be interested in working on this area?

I am very interested in working in this area. FWIW I am also an XSF  
member and will try to keep developments cross posted between the two  
groups as and when appropriate.
Peter Ferne,  http://jivatechnology.com,  http://twitter.com/petef
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