ACTION: Top Social Networking services

On this wiki page [1] I have posted some comments regarding the original
list proposed on June 1, a few suggestions, and (below my comments) a
separate list of 30 popular social network services.
Unfortunately, I am a little fuzzy about the long term purpose of this list
(and the wiki page does not say). As was mentioned during one of the
conference calls, there are already many lists of social networks. 
Was not the original intention of preparing this list to prepare profiles of
these services?
Is the purpose of this list to make sure that we are looking at how these
services "work" (operate) today when we propose new architectures?  
The purpose/use of the list should, when agreed upon, appear at the top of
the wiki page.
I invite discussion on the wiki, on our weekly call or on the list. 

I don't know if this ACTION item is now closed or if it is continuing.


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