Re: List of Social Networking Sites from Alexa

Top 3 Social Networking Sites by Country:

Australia: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter
Canada: Facebook, MySpace, Flickr
India: Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 (Twitter is a close fourth)
France: Facebook, Skyrock, MySpace,
China: QQ, Xiaonei, 51
Germany: Facebook, StudiVZ, MySpace
Italy: Facebook, Netlog, Badoo
Russia: V Kontakte, Odnoklassniki, LiveJournal
Spain: Facebook, Tuenti, Fotolog
United Kingdom: Facebook, Bebo, MySpace
United States: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter


- Facebook has almost colonized Europe and it's extending its
domination with more than 200 millions users
- QQ, leader in China, is the largest social network of the world (300
million active accounts)
- MySpace lost its leadership everywhere (except in Guam)
- V Kontakte is the most popular in Russian territories (looks a lot
like Facebook)
- Orkut is strong in India and Brazil (this one was a little scary
because it already knew my name)
- Hi5 is still leading in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and other scattered
countries such as Portugal, Mongolia, Romania (Hi5 is a San Francisco
based Company)
- Odnoklassniki is strong in some former territories of the Soviet Union
- Maktoob is the most important Arab community/portal

On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 1:04 AM, Harry Halpin<> wrote:
> I went through the top 100 sites from Alexa and got some of the top
> sites. I'll try to go through more! One of the most obvious problems
> for myself is that lots of sites I think *may* be social networking
> sites are not in English. In particular, speakers of Chinese,
> Japanese, and Russian are needed to investigate to see if some of
> these are actually social networking sites.
> Here's the list:

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