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Use case: Social Web for the Enterprise (II)

From: Fabien Gandon <Fabien.Gandon@sophia.inria.fr>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 11:31:53 +0200
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To: public-xg-socialweb@w3.org
(just a counter proposal extracted from the project ISICIL)


= User Story: Social Web for the Enterprise (II) =

== Goal ==
Enable Social Networking in enterprises and the interoperability between 
internal applications and public applications.

== Summary ==
Recently, online communities of interest have emerged and started to 
build directories of references in their domains of interest at an 
impressive speed and with very agile responses to changes in these 
domains. One of the forces of the tools enabling these communities is 
their ability to turn usually passive users into active participants and 
producers. The diversity and the mass of users are used to tackle the 
diversity and the mass of information sources.
Monitoring, market, science and technological changes is a vital ability 
of today's organizations, yet the growing diversity of sources to track 
in each domain of interest remains a challenge for any organization. 
Organizations actively look for "weak signals" and value-adding 
information and knowledge and try to manage networks of experts in their 
field of excellence. Therefore there is a growing interest in importing 
the tools and practices that made the success of these online 
communities inside corporate information systems.
Organizations and communities leverage Social Networking to improve 
communication internally and externally, to help find people with the 
required skills and initiate and manage collaborations. This clearly 
cannot be achieved within Social Networks that are data silos.

== Actors ==

* Alice, works at Company Zoe
* Kurt is the boss of Zoe
* François is a chemist at Kemics
* Zoe, is a company that produces small zoo like animals
* Kemics, is a chemistry lab

== Preconditions ==
Social web apps are interoperable.

== Triggers ==

== Basic course of events ==

* Kurt follows several business sites and news places using an 
aggregator of multiple interaction channels used by these communities of 
interest. Although these feeds come from very different sources and by 
very different means (IRC, IM, micro-blogging, SN, etc.) they are tagged 
using a common framework and shared references and therefore he was able 
to customize the notifications very precisely. This morning he was 
interested to learn that the research lab Kemics announced a new 
bio-plastic that never gets dirty.
* Kurt selects the topic of bio-plastics and asks the internal social 
network of his company Zoe to identify experts in the domain. Analyzing 
the expert network and public online networks, the search engine is able 
to identify Alice, a chemist specialized in plastics and who did her 
internship at Kemics.
* Kurt sends a message asking her to evaluate opportunities on this new 
subject. The message is routed to her according to her status and 
availability: the system chooses SMS since she is down to the lab, her 
mobile in the pocket.
* Alice didn’t know a new plastic was released by Kemics but she uses 
here mobile access to a social network to poke François, her former 
adviser at Kemics. She also requests a digest of the latest publications 
and patents of Kemics related to bio-plastics that gets delivered to 
here by e-mails a few minutes later.
* Back to her office, reading the report, Alice identifies several 
experts and through François she gets introduced to them regardless of 
the social network sites their communities are using. She is able to 
exchange a few questions with them and setup a meeting at Zoe’s 
headquarters cross-checking her agenda, their agendas and the one of Kurt.
* Before the meeting Alice compiles extracts of the reports and her 
discussions with the experts on an online document only visible to the 
participants of the meeting; parts of the documents use internal sources 
and are only visible to her and Kurt.
* Reading through the report Kurt is able to trace the sources of every 
part and also identify a boss at Kemics he would like to be introduced 
to; he leaves a personal reminder about that only visible to him on the 
agenda of the meeting.
* The meeting goes well and everyone is able to contribute to the shared 
document using different credentials. Contacts, events and project 
opportunities are exchanged. It is the start of a fruitful collaboration 
between Zoe Corps and Kemics Labs.

== Alternative paths (optional) ==
* many are imaginable

== Post-conditions ==
A new community of interest is born and reified between members of Zoe 
and Kemics.

== Business rules ==

== Author and date ==
Fabien Gandon, 28/08/2009

== Further References (optional) ==
http://isicil.inria.fr and most musics of Juliette Noureddine.

Fabien - http://fabien.info
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