Use case for XG Recommendation: Integration of Business Information Systems

Following the discussions on the mailinglist and yesterdays telco I 
drafted another use-case description.
I think a use-case scenario with prospectively wide impact on the 
business domain could nicely complement the community (Triplify), 
research (Nicotine Dependency) and administrative-data (Ordinance 
Survey) use cases.
Currently, there is some inhomogeneity in the level of abstraction in 
the use cases: Ordinance and Nicotine address very specific problems, 
whereas Triplify and BIS are of slightly broader nature. Probably no 
problem, but maybe worth checking for consistency with other XG 

Here the BIS use case description (feel free to change, add or 
completely omit the paragraph):

*Integration of Business Information Systems*

Efficient information and data exchange between application systems 
within and across enterprises is of paramount importance in the 
increasingly networked and IT-dominated business spheres. Existing 
Business Information Systems such as CRM, CMS and ERP systems use 
relational database backends for persistence. RDF and Linked Data can 
provide data exchange and integration interfaces for such application 
systems, which are easy to implement and use, especially in settings 
where a loose and flexible coupling of the systems is required.
The mapping language to be standardized within the proposed WG will 
rapidly simplify the publishing of enterprise data and information from 
the relational data backends and thus facilitate the interlinking and 
exchange of information between business information systems. For this 
use case scenario on-demand transformation of relational data to RDF, 
scalability and completeness with regard to the relational algebra are 
central requirements.

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