Re: W3C-Event "Teaching the Web" (15th October, Potsdam, Germany)

Hi Chris,

2009/9/23 Chris Mills <>

> Thanks for the knowledge Felix!
> I believe you have my colleague Patrick Lauke attending your event?

Yes, the list of speakers is:

   - Klaus Birkenbihl <> (W3C)
   - Lambert Heller <> (TIB/UB Hannover)
   - Patrick H. Lauke <> (Opera Software)
   - Jens Meiert <> (Google)
   - Petra Rauschenbach <> (Bundesarchiv)
   - Henry S. Thompson <> (W3C)
   - Robert Tolksdorf <> (Free University of
   - Andrew Vande Moere <> (University
   of Sydney)
   - Erik Wilde <> (University of California

> I have told him exactly what to say ;-)

Good preparation, right? :)

> In all seriousness, I am unavailable for this event because I am am in
> Australia for the whole of October doing various conferences.

NP at all. Probably Patrick does not report to the OWEA group, but we will
produce some visible outcome at the event and will ping the OWEA group



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