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Chris Mills commented on a message:

     “Web Systems” seems fine to me, I don’t
     think anyone’s asking you to change that.

   I'd like to raise a +1 on this - I do not think we need to start
   obsessing about altering terminology that doesn't quite match
   our final terminology decision, on already-existing courses that
   otherwise match our goals and expectations. Well, even on ones
   that don't.

   It'd be a time consuming battle that we wouldn't win, and our
   limited time is much better spent obsessing over the course
   content, not the course titles.

   For new courses, of course, we should try to get them to stick
   to a new standard of terminology if possible.

   Would it make sense to publish some terminology recommendations
   of what schools should use in different circumstances. "Web
   Design and Development" might be a nice blanket term for the
   whole curriculum, but there will be different courses taught
   from that curriculum, which might warrant different naming, eg
   "JavaScript programming", or "User science", or "graphic design
   for the web", etc etc.


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