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[Web Standards Project] Re: Question about "web science" term

From: Doug Schepers <notifications@webstandardsproject.grouphub.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 03:11:07 +0000
To: J Public <public-xg-owea@w3.org>
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Doug Schepers commented on a message:

   Hi, Mark-

   It's not hard to find what Tim Berners-Lee means by "Web
   Science"... there's a site devoted to it, the Web Science
   Research Initiative (WSRI) [1]. It includes things like
   protocols and developing new Web languages, the Semantic Web,
   and analyzing the Web as an information architecture and
   information repository, but also things like the sociology of
   the Web. As a curriculum, it's more graduate-level than I think
   what is planned for OWEA. I see the OWEA curriculum as laying
   the groundwork for some students who will later go into Web

   But no matter what term we settle on instead (I prefer something
   plainspoken like "Web Development and Design"), I don't think it
   matters what individual educational institutions call their
   departments... not all computer science departments are called
   "Computer Science": computing science, information technology,
   software engineering, the list goes on. "Web Systems" seems fine
   to me, I don't think anyone's asking you to change that.

   [1] http://webscience.org/

   Regards- -Doug Schepers W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs


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