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[Web Standards Project] Re: Question about "web science" term

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   Thanks for raising this Mark.

   From my cursory glances at this stuff over the last year or two,
   I think web science is somewhat of an esoteric thing, and more
   focussed at the research rather than implementation level. It
   would definitely be a part of a "School of Web", but not the
   primary focus is my thinking.

   Some thoughts around the name to be given to this area of study,
   research and learning

   Department/School/Faculty* of

   Web Systems Web Studies Webology :-) Web

   other thoughts?


     * (in the Anglo Australian university system (as opposed to
       US) a Faculty is the equivalent I think of a School - for
       example the Faculty of Law, Science, Arts and so on
       (rtypically Faculty of law does not mean the folks who teach
       law, it means the school))


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