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Mark DuBois said:

   During our last conference call, Doug mentioned a concern about
   the term “Web Science.” If I recall correctly, it
   had a vastly different meaning to some members of the W3
   management. I haven’t seen much activity since our
   discussion on whether this term will continue to be used or
   whether some other term will be inserted.

   I am curious as to the direction of a name for other degree
   level programs and how to best position our collective effort
   and the work that's already been done in this area. For example,
   Illinois Central College working with a number of other
   colleges, local business and industry representatives and the
   World Organization of Webmasters put a significant amount of
   work into establishing our "Web Systems" degree program (which
   has been accredited by the Illinois Board of Higher Education
   for quite some time now).

   It would be a major effort for us to change that name at this
   point (assuming a change is needed and that we have a new term
   that is agreed upon by all). Changing this title would involve
   not only working with our internal curriculum committee, local
   business and industry representatives and the accrediting
   bodies, but also with WOW. In short, I don’t see us
   changing the name any time soon. If other programs become
   established, it is likely they will have difficulty changing
   their names once they are established.

   So, back to the issue posed by Doug – what is the term we
   will be using? We will also likely need to recognize that
   existing programs will likely not change their existing names in
   the foreseeable future.


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Received on Monday, 21 September 2009 19:26:00 UTC