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Aarron Walter commented on a message:

   Mark - just to clarify what is outlined in the course content
   policies section of the white paper, proposing InterAct as the
   central curriculum framework does not preclude OWEA from
   collaborating with other content creators or integrating
   external content. InterAct is a framework that makes it
   relatively easy for Adobe, Opera, and others to snap into. As
   you know, Opera's WSC is already integrated into the framework.
   Folks like Adobe have great content that can either be formatted
   to fit the InterAct framework structure or they can continue to
   host their materials and we can link to it as recommended
   readings, or learning modules. This gives us the flexibility to
   accommodate donated content or connect with third party material
   that needs to remain external for branding purposes.

   I certainly don't want to miss opportunities to connect with
   other organizations, and I don't think this strategy would put
   us in that position. A central framework will be important to
   make it easier for educators to access and integrate the best
   practices we are recommending into their teaching materials. If
   we decentralize, we place a burden upon educators to assemble
   things themselves, which is part of the problem we are trying to

   Unfortunately I am not going to be available on Thursday for the
   call to talk about this further, but I'll check the minutes.
   Hope this helps clarify.


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