Re: Object Memory Modeling XG and RDFa


thank you very much for your feedback. I added some comments.

Am 10.10.2011 04:28, schrieb Manu Sporny:
> 1. You should be using RDFa 1.1. Instead of xmlns:, use prefix, like
> so:
> prefix="omm:"


> 2. Your declaration of xsd is not correct, it should be:
> prefix="xsd:"


> 3. Your OMM vocabulary isn't human or machine readable, you should
> public a vocabulary document at:

At the moment, we do not have a simple human readable vocabulary 
document, that can be reached with this url. You can find further 
information at the XG report 
What does "machine readable" mean?

> 4. I suggest that you do not version your vocabulary with minor
> release information unless you intend to publish minor releases,
> and if so, those minor releases shouldn't break backwards
> compatibility in which case the minor release number doesn't
> matter. In other words... just use major numbers:

fixed. (1 instead of 1.0)

> 5. You don't need to express the version number of your vocabulary,
> your vocabulary URL above does that. Don't do this:
> <span property="omm:version">1</span>


> 6. If your primary ID is a URL, it should be expressed as one, so
> instead of this:
> <span property="omm:primaryID"></span>
> do this:
> <a rel="omm:primaryID" href="">...</a>
> You should be doing this with all of your URLs

This link may be an URL but this is not mandatory, it can be any string.

> 7. This whole Header, Table of Contents, Block stuff in OMM just
> does not seem like the right way to model this information. You
> have a graph data structure available to you... don't treat it
> like tape-based storage data structure. :)

Our approach is "how to express the fixed, block-based OM-model with 
RDFa-strucutures", not "how to encode some data in RDFa the best 
possible way" (please take a look to our report at 
So an RDFa enriched HTML5 document should lead to the same model as our 
sample XML files and other/binary encodings.

> 8. omm:uri - this term is suspect... why do you need it? IRIs are
> first-class citizens in RDF. Do this instead:
> <a rel="omm:additionalBlock" href="http://URL_OF_BLOCK">...</a>

see (6.)

> 9. omm:type is suspect as well. Instead of this:
> <span property="omm:type">omm_http</span>
> do this:
> <span typeof="omm:Http">...</span>
> or something to that effect.


> 10. This is redundant:
> <span property="omm:date"
> datatype="xsd:dateTime">2011-01-31T08:12:50+02:00</span>
> of encoding: <span property="omm:encoding">ISO8601</span>
> xsd:dateTime is an ISO8601 formatted date, you don't need to
> specify that it is again in the next triple.


> 11. omm:hasTag looks a bit like a mess - it looks very complicated and
> open ended.

we simplyfied this area as much as possible.

> Other than that, the RDFa markup looks fairly good. I think the biggest
> issue is the OMM vocabulary itself - it seems to be over-modeling. If
> you don't make the vocabulary simpler, the chances of uptake are reduced
> greatly.

we keep this in mind and try to ease our approach.

> Instead, of trying to think of it in terms of Headers and Tables of
> Contents and Blocks... just think of modeling the data as you would a
> real object - just add Event objects to the main object and timestamp
> them. That said, I don't really know what use cases you need to support
> - but the vocabulary seems quite complex for the intended use (and it's
> not documented, so I can't understand how each vocabulary term is meant
> to be used).

see (7.).

We would be pleased to receive your feedback again. Thank you in advance 
for your help.

Best regards,
Jens Haupert

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