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Dear RaphaŽl and all,

Please feel free to let me know if you are interested in representing the
XG in the Summit (see below).

Best regards,

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Subject: 	Re: Invite to Cross-Media Summit for Content Discovery...
Date: 	Wed, 21 Feb 2007 13:14:22 +0100
From: 	Daniel Harris <daniel@kendra.org.uk>
To: 	Jeff Z. Pan <jpan@csd.abdn.ac.uk>
CC: 	Danny Ayers <danny.ayers@gmail.com>, Liam Quin <liam@w3.org>, "Ian B.
Jacobs" <ij@w3.org>
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Dear Jeff,

Many thanks for your response...

Please do send a suitable candidate in your stead.

Please do send this invite out to other people in and out of the W3C that
may be interested in attending this Summit.

I'll keep you informed of future Kendra events.

Best Regards,


On 17/02/2007 00:06, Jeff Z. Pan wrote:
> Dear Daniel,
> Many thanks for the invite. Unfortunately I have already got an
> appointment on March 9. Please do let me know if there are any further
> events on this track, and I am very interested in participating.
> Kind regards,
> Jeff
> Danny Ayers wrote:
>> Daniel -
>> I've cc'd Jeff Pan, he's chair of the W3C Multimedia Semantics
>> Incubator Group, may be able to help.
>> Jeff - see below.
>> On 10/02/07, Daniel Harris <daniel@kendra.org.uk> wrote:
>>> Dear Ian, Liam and Danny,
>>> Kendra Initiative and Makeni are putting together a top level Summit in
>>> March dealing with metadata, search and discovery in the media industry.
>>> I'd really like your opinions as to who we should ask to attend from the
>>> W3C world.
>>> The Cross-Media Summit takes place at the Frontline Club, London W2,
>>> Friday 9th March 2007 09:30 to 17:30. Participants include the CEO of
>>> ISAN, the Head of R&D at MCPS-PRS Alliance and Microsoft's DDEX board
>>> member. Please see the full invite below and yet more on:
>>> http://www.kendra.org.uk
>>> Many thanks for your consideration and look forward to our next
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Daniel Harris
>>> Founder
>>> Kendra Initiative
>>> http://www.kendra.org.uk
>>> skype/aim/ichat/yahoo/irc: dahacouk
>>> phone: +44 20 7993 6339
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>>> The Strategy, Technology and Business Case for
>>> Content Description, Visibility, Search and Discovery
>>> Friday 9th March 2007, Frontline Club, London, UK
>>> Gathering creators, rights holders and technology experts
>>> Free - Sponsored by Kendra Initiative and Makeni
>>> Participants include CEO of ISAN, Head of R&D at MCPS-PRS Alliance,
>>> Principal Engineer for Pioneer Digital Design and Microsoft's DDEX board
>>> member.
>>> How do content owners increase the visibility and discovery of their
>>> content? Do we need more standards? What are the drivers for industry
>>> adoption? Can we make the tools easier to use? What are the requirements
>>> of end-users in the media industry?
>>> Bringing together key cross-industry strategists and technologists from
>>> standards bodies, search engines, image archives, record labels and film
>>> companies shaping the digital media marketplace. Aiming to share
>>> experiences, discover synergy and innovate. Identifying areas for
>>> further investigation to drive adoption of metadata syndication
>>> ecosystems that enable content owners to increase visibility of their
>>> content.
>>> http://www.kendra.org.uk
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