Interoperability Framework and Vocabulary

Dear Michael and authors of use cases,

After some thoughts, it seems to me that there is quite a connection
between the interoperability framework and the vocabulary deliverable. The
goal of the former one is to provide an integrated set of vocabulary
within a simple extensible framework. In fact, an integrated set of
vocabulary is
the most needed component in the framework. The simplest form of
integration is to assert samePropertyAs; i.e., we should be able to say
property P1 in standard S1 is the same as the property P2 in standard S2.
Given the use cases that we have, I wonder how hard it is to identify such
equivalent relations. Furthermore, given the use cases, I wonder if there
are any other cross standard/vocabulary relations that we have to handle
in the simple framework.

Could you share with Vassilis and me your thoughts on these?


-- Dr. Jeff Z. Pan ( Department of
Computing Science, The University of Aberdeen

Received on Wednesday, 21 February 2007 13:35:25 UTC