Summary of the SWCG telecon

>Semantic Web Coordination Group Telecon (09/02/2007) (10')

>See our slides:
>Telecon minutes (members only!):

As I might not be able to join this week's telecon, here is a short
summary of the discussions related to our XG (see the above links for more

During the telecon we presented the progress of our XG and discussed some
options for the future of our XG. In general, people think we have been
doing well, we should definitely continue our work, and a workshop could
help collect requirements to motivate having a WG. There are a few
interesting points worthy of mentioning.

1) Ralph takes an action to find out the constrains on organising a
XG-related W3C workshop.

2) It seems to be an option to have another XG (even with the same name)
after MMSEM to continue the work, and to organise the workshop etc.
Another option is to split the efforts and some may be ready for rec

3) Raphael and Ivan take an action to work out process issues.


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