Re: [MMSEM] Agenda 1st February Telecon 1700 UTC

Jeff Z. Pan wrote:
> Dear all,
> As Vassilis mentioned in today's telecon, we are expecting the 
> following two from authors of each use case by Feb 7 for our 
> interoperability deliverable [1] :
> 1) summary of semantic interoperability issue in the use case;
> 2) and the use case itself (from the perspective of interoperability).
> We can leave the solutions completed later after we have some draft 
> about the common framework. As for the common framework, we know 
> pretty much about what to cover for the syntactic interoperability and 
> layers of interoperability, but again need inputs from *each* use case 
> 3) common ontology/schema;
Note that this is a common ontology/schema within the use case domain, 
such as the photo domain, the music domain. Based on these, we will work 
out the integrated common ontology/schema.


> 4) guidelines on which standard to use for specific tasks related to 
> the use cases.
> Based on 3) and 4), we can start work on integration and harmonisation 
> of individual use case common ontology/schema and provide an 
> integrated common/schema. Furthermore, we will provide a simple 
> extensibility framework, to allow the support of other related 
> ontologies/schema related to the use cases we considered, and possibly 
> some other annotation standards that are not yet considered in our 
> framework.
> In short, inputs are needed and comments and suggestions are warmly 
> welcome :-)
> Greetings,
> Jeff
> [1]


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