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In the meanwhile I tried out the single-page-approach, and I asked Sandro.
Unfortunately both my experiment and the answer from Sandro were negative.

Currently it is _not_ possible to do it the way you would prefer, but I wouldn't 
mind doing it the other way you propose, viz. using .


BTW: One thing less for me to report in our today's call ;)

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>> I did not _myself_ invent this style. To be able to use the
>> converter ( 
><> ), I set up
>> the Wiki pages accordingly to what Sandro did in RIF ...
>> If you think that there exists an alternative way, please enlight me.
>So, as I said during the last telecon, I wonder if the script 
>from Sandro force you to explose your input into several pages.
>I doubt that such a thing is mandatory.
>For me, Sandro script is just passing through the links and 
>build iteratively the final W3C report. I guess that there is 
>no difference if the input is a
>single wiki page and I would like to suggest you to try it.
>For example, try to include:
>and generate the TR ... you will no difference I bet ... but I 
>might be wrong :-)
>The other possibility is to create directly an HTML in the CVS 
>repository, with the XG template:
>Vassilis, you and me have already write access so it should be 
>handy to update the deliverable.
>We will just need Oscar, Stamatia and Chrisa? to have access too.
>What do you think ? Talk to you later ...
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