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Re: State of Federation CI environments?

From: Adrian Thurston <thurston@complang.org>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 11:50:04 -0700
Message-ID: <4DD2C35C.3080706@complang.org>
To: public-xg-federatedsocialweb@w3.org
I was intending to bring a KVM image with me, but if Oracle VirtualBox 
is preferred I can certainly do that. Is there an "official" VM host 
software to facilitate demos/hacking/testing?

On 11-05-17 05:18 AM, elf Pavlik wrote:
> Hello fellow geeks ;)
> Last days I enjoy company of hackers developing Lorea and its elgg based implementation. Last days we were looking on automation for testing federated features. I proposed using selenium and making image or virtual machine with everything preconfigured. I have just found this piece of software: http://vagrantup.com/ and I started thinking about possibility of setting up servers hosting multiple virtual machines with environments of various platforms. Than using something like selenium: http://seleniumhq.org/ to run tests of cross platform interactions.
> Who feels interested? BTW how many people here do hands on codding of open source platforms and have familiarity with subjects like continuous integration etc. ?
> Yay, feeling excited!
> =)
> elf Pavlik

Dr. Adrian D. Thurston
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