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[ANN] version 0.6 of DSNP

From: <thurston@complang.org>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 01:27:23 +0000
Message-ID: <1776843075-1304299646-cardhu_decombobulator_blackberry.rim.net-1026832291-@bda246.bisx.prod.on.blackberry>
To: public-xg-federatedsocialweb@w3.org
Version 0.6 of DSNP is now available. It is implemented by DSNPd 0.12 
and Choice Social 0.12.


The version nodes in redmine give the associated changes. Most of the documented changes can be found on the DSNPd project.

DSNPd 0.12:


Choice Social 0.12:


DSNP 0.6:


It is my intent to have a suitable version of DSNPd and good developer docs available before the conference in Berlin. I am attempting to make it as easy as possible to make a new DSNP content manager, or to adapt an existing content system to use the protocol. 

Best Regards,

Dr. Adrian D. Thurston
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