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RE: Music Notation on the Web

From: Cutler, Roger (RogerCutler) <RogerCutler@chevron.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 11:19:25 -0600
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To: "Tom White (MMA)" <lists@midi.org>, <public-xg-audio@w3.org>
Well, I think that this is probably a dead horse - but my recollection
is that it was not just formatting that was screwed up when I tried to
transfer music between Sibelius and Finale.   I vaguely remember that
there were blocks of things that were either in the wrong place (grossly
wrong nothing subtle or interpretive), missing or - believe it or not -
extra.  Or just completely wrong in some way that defies
characterization, at least by someone without deep knowledge of how
these applications work internally .  And somehow once it got into the
new environment things were coupled together in blocks so that if you
moved or changed one thing a whole bunch of other things moved or
changed, too.  Things that one (at least this one) would think were
totally unrelated to the mistake one was trying to correct.
Unscrambling those unwanted couplings was necessary in order to make the
music make sense - and it was EXTREMELY difficult to do so.  In fact, I
think I gave up and took another route.


Again - I don't think that this is a primary issue and I'm willing to
stipulate that current versions may work better.


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>>>> I believe you will find that DAWs that support notation all add
additional private data beyond what is in MIDI to make it work. I
believe the same is true for Band-in-a-Box, as well as for keyboard
vendors who add their own proprietary extensions to MIDI for on-screen
notation display. 


I don't think that is true... to my knowledge all DAWs and al Digital
Pianos with on-screen notation can display notation from plain old MIDI
files. No extensions or additional private data is needed.


But that said, I do understand that MIDI is not an equivalent solution
to MusicXML.


And if Roger had said he wanted to know why the formatting was incorrect
when using MusicXML, I would not have even mentioned MIDI.


- TW
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