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Re: Some thoughts

From: Chris Rogers <crogers@google.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 11:38:06 -0800
Message-ID: <AANLkTinSgyh-jsDCw_pH6yZsv_rKEMDOjWm9jLCCL=qv@mail.gmail.com>
To: Jussi Kalliokoski <jussi.kalliokoski@gmail.com>
Cc: public-xg-audio@w3.org
On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 11:20 AM, Jussi Kalliokoski <
jussi.kalliokoski@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks to everyone for your responses and reviewing this with me, I'm
> glad to hear about the de-zippering functionality regarding the
> parameters.
> However, I'd still like to stress the importance of port-based
> connectivity approach over module-based connectivity, I forgot one
> important point regarding this. That would be the case of effects such
> as vocoder or ring mod, which take two different signals (signal and
> carrier), I don't see a reasonable way to achieve this with the
> module-based approach.

Hi Jussi, I'm not sure what you mean.  AudioNodes can have more than one
input for things like ring modulation.  They can also have more than one
output for things like crossover filters (with separate low and high
frequency outputs).  You can see that the connect() method takes an optional
"output" and "input" parameter:

> As for the MIDI, I think you're right about it. That actually lead to
> something I'm announcing here now: I'm working on a project called
> MidiNode, which is a node.js module that allows passing MIDI data to a
> node server, thus through web sockets to a web browser, so I'm happy to
> tell you, that in near future we can use our MIDI keyboards in browsers.
> Yay!
> Oh, and regarding that, I actaully could use some help with it, I have
> no expertise in other than linux programming, so I need a hand making
> the module available for Mac/Win users too.

Great to hear it!  I don't have any personal experience with the MIDI APIs
on Windows, but on Mac OS X you'll want to look at the CoreMIDI APIs:

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