Re: {Backplane XG] Near final XG report -- Vote to publish requested


The message is spot on and the content compelling.

Truly minor edits:

1) Section 2, third para: "a Rich Web Applications." (remove 's')

2) "RIA" occurs several times e.g. in section 3 before we ever say "Rich 
Internet Application (RIA)"  Recommend first sentence of Section 3 could 
be amended to fix.

It seems OK to me at least that we also generally use RIA and rich web app 

3) Figure 1 and other figures end with [D], where I assume D is short for 
'more Details'.  May want to spell it out because [D] looks too much like 
a reference citation (not in this work, but in other works anyway).

4) In section 6.4.1, there appears "ODF is an example of a non-XForms 
specification that today ...". I think we mean "ODF is an example of a 
specification that today..." (the rest of the content of that paragraph 
clarifies that there is an xforms model, and that ODF controls rather than 
xforms controls bind to it using the pattern).

5) Bold starts in 6.5.3 and never comes back out (under IE).

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Charles F Wiecha <>
public-xg-app-backplane <>
10/22/2009 02:28 PM
{Backplane XG] Near final XG report -- Vote to publish requested

Friends -- we're getting close :-) Here's the near-final draft with 
Abstract, front matter, patent policy, and hopefully all long-description 
links working correctly. Gregory, I don't have the heart now to go rip out 
all those tables unless you tell me this is really really important (just 
too busy right now!).

It would be good to get a formal +1 from each of the authors to the list 
indicating we're ok to proceed to request publication just to have that on 
record. If not giving a +1, of course pls provide a list of required 

Thanks, Charlie

(See attached file:

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