Re: [Backplane XG] Updated draft of XG final report

aloha, steven!

thank you VERY much for your quick work...  as to eumeration, there are 
a total of 9 "figures " in the latest draft circulated by charlie, but 
the text refers to them as:

* Figure 1: Layers of the RWAB
* Figure 2: Tracking Expenses
* Figure 3: Expenses by category in SVG
* Figure 4: Expenses by time in SVG
* Figure 5: Expenses summarized and reported in Open Document Text format
* Figure 8: Single node data binding in ODF
* Figure 9: Data-bound custom controls using YUI widgets
* Figure 10: Nodeset data-bound custom controls using SVG
* Figure 11: A SMIL slideshow embedded in a webpage

re-ordered, this means:

* figure 8 should be figure 6
* figure 9 should be figure 7
* figure 10 should be figure 8
* figure 11 should be figure 9

all of the longdesc files are complete, save for that for figure 6
"Single node data binding in ODF"

charlie, do you want me to make edits to the copy of the XGR draft 
steven just circulated, then zip it up with all of the longdesc 
files currently housed at:

and send it to the list?

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> Here is the zip.
> I have added Jack's new bit, and a table of contents.
> I have done my best to integrate the longdescs: I have added the 
> return  IDs, and the [D] notation (just to make it easier to 
> check the longdescs);  as a result of the return IDs the main 
> file must be called Overview.html,  and be in the same directory 
> as the longdescs. However, the numbering of  the figures (and 
> the number of them?) seems to have changed, and I haven't  had 
> time to work out what needs to be done to fix that. Sorry.
> Steven
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