Re: AGENDA: Backplane telecon for March 31, 11:00 Eastern

On 30 mrt 2009, at 20:06, Charles F Wiecha wrote:

> >>No disrespect to Phillipe's hard work, but the point is to hide  
> all of
> >>this stuff, not bring it to the fore. :)
> Indeed...that's the point of my bringing it up on the agenda...Charlie

Can you also give a short update on your view of how the meeting went  
last week? Of course, I've talked to Pablo (and he specifically  
mentioned the many lines of JavaScript in Philippe's demo:-), but I'd  
like to hear your views (and those of Steven and anyone else in the  
XG) too...

There seems to be an opportunity here for WGs/XGs/members for some  
concerted action...
Jack Jansen, <>,
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