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14.23 The send Element

<select1/> and <setvalue/>

[public-xformsusers] <none>

ACTION-2293: Check that spec for @instance and @targetref is fully defined

ACTION-2294: Spec load url traversal failure

ACTION-2295: Check that his implementation combined @instance and @targetref correctly

ACTION-2296: Add text to make it clear where xforms-action-error is dispatched to.

ACTION-2297: Add links to glossary entry for observer

Agenda 2020-01-08

Agenda 2020-01-15

Agenda 2021-01-22

Agenda 2021-01-29

Deprecating load/@ref

Minutes 2020-01-08

Minutes 2020-01-15

Minutes 2021-01-22

Minutes 2021-01-29


Target of submit-error and -done for <send/>

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