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Re: MarkupUK XForms

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Date: Tue, 21 May 2019 18:19:45 +0000 (UTC)
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The MarkupUK agenda is now available in StratML Part 1, Strategic Plan, format with a link to an XForm for anyone who may wish to turn it into a performance plan/report at http://stratml.us/drybridge/index.htm#MUK2019 
BTW, this is the first time I've used conference session dates and times as sequence indicators for goals.  The presentation leaves a lot to be desired in the table of contents.  Eventually, it would be good to enable start and end times (as well as dates) to be associated with performance indicators, as per StratML Part 3.  http://stratml.us/references/StratMLPart3_20140821XSDDocumentation.html#StartTime | http://stratml.us/references/StratMLPart3_20140821XSDDocumentation.html#EndTime  
However, since goals are results to be achieved over the longer term, documenting start and end times to the second is overkill for most purposes.  Objectives are results to be achieved within a single resource allocation and performance execution cycle.  So for them too documentation of dates rather than times is probably sufficient.  As many performance indicators as necessary may be documented to build out the value chain leading to the realization of objectives.  Again, timing to the second will be unnecessary for most of them, particularly since such strictly time-bounded constraints are artificial for most purposes (other than, say, F2F meetings, which are means to ends rather ends unto themselves ... unless the purpose of the gathering is purely social in nature). On the other hand, for specialized purposes like F2F meeting sessions (and moon landings) it would be good to enable documentation of more precise timing.


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Also worth pointing out that there are two XForms sessions at MarkupUK as  

  Declarative Applications with XForms
  Steven Pemberton

  XQuery for Data Workers
  Alain Couthures

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