Re: ACTION-2234: Spec up changes to load.

I am fine with this. We could also choose the NOP option in case there is
no `resource` and the binding is the empty sequence. I assume you prefer
the error in this case. I could go either way.


On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 4:13 AM Steven Pemberton <>

> So just to check we agree on what we are trying to achieve:
> <load ref="..." resource="..."/>
> The URI is obtained:
>   - If there is a @resource, it is used.
>   - Otherwise the binding is used.
> If the result is an empty sequence, an xforms-load-error is dispatched to
> the load element.
> Otherwise, the link indicated by the URI is traversed.
> If traversal is not possible or fails, then an xforms-load-error *should*
> be dispatched to the load element; however, it is recognized that there
> are circumstances where this is not possible, such as when the error is
> discovered after XForms processing has ended.
> =========
> (
>   XForms 1.1 versions did nothing for error conditions, and also allowed
> <load/> with no attributes, which also did nothing
> )
> Steven

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