Re: ACTION-2234: Spec up changes to load.

So just to check we agree on what we are trying to achieve:

<load ref="..." resource="..."/>

The URI is obtained:
  - If there is a @resource, it is used.
  - Otherwise the binding is used.

If the result is an empty sequence, an xforms-load-error is dispatched to  
the load element.

Otherwise, the link indicated by the URI is traversed.

If traversal is not possible or fails, then an xforms-load-error *should*  
be dispatched to the load element; however, it is recognized that there  
are circumstances where this is not possible, such as when the error is  
discovered after XForms processing has ended.


  XForms 1.1 versions did nothing for error conditions, and also allowed  
<load/> with no attributes, which also did nothing


Received on Friday, 15 March 2019 11:13:30 UTC