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> All,
> In "14.21 The load Element" [1], I don't think it is clear what to do if  
> there is a single-item binding but the binding resolves to the >empty  
> sequence.
> Arguably the binding is then "present", so the action would NOT fallback  
> to the `resource` attribute or element.
> XForms 1.1 clearly said that the action would have no effect in this  
> case. [2]
> So: no effect, or error, or fallback to `resource`?

Good question. I'll put it on the agenda.

> Incidentally, it also said that the action would have no effect if both  
> ways of specifying are there: "If the Single Node Binding is >given in  
> addition to one of the resource attribute or resource element, then the  
> action has no effect." This was removed too, for some >reason.
> Related, my reading of the XForms 2.0 text for "the output Element" [3]  
> seems to allow `value` AND `ref`, which would then require >`value` to  
> evaluate in the context of the single-node binding. Am I right?
Yes, and there are actually examples given in the spec, for instance in  

> If so, it could make sense for `xf:load` to allow evaluating its  
> `resource` attribute, which can be an AVT, in the context of its  
> >single-node binding as well, since I think that's what we ended up  
> deciding.

Worth discussing.


> -Erik
> [1]  
> [2]
> [3]  

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