Events after xforms-disabled

12.1.8 Sequence: Value Change

After an update, a refresh performs re-evaluation of UI binding  
expressions and dispatches these events accordingly (the order in which  
they are dispatched is not defined):
  [n] xforms-value-changed
  [n] xforms-valid or xforms-invalid
  [n] xforms-enabled or xforms-disabled
  [n] xforms-optional or xforms-required
  [n] xforms-readonly or xforms-readwrite
  [n] xforms-out-of-range or xforms-in-range.


It seems to me that refresh should enable/disable controls first, and then  
send the other events only to enabled controls.

Does this match with how your implementations work?


Received on Tuesday, 23 May 2017 13:40:50 UTC