switch case selection

<switch ref="/payment/details" caseref="@method">
   <case name="creditCard">
     <label>Credit Card Details</label>
   <case name="cashCard">
     <label>Bank Account Card</label>
   <case name="COD">
     <label>Cash-on-delivery Account Information</label>

Initially, the case that is selected depends on
  1. Whether the @caseref matches a @name
  2. Otherwise whether one of the cases has @selected="true"
  3. Otherwise the textually first case.

The current text says that if the caseref changes, and no @name matches,  
then the textually first case is selected.

However, it seems to me reasonable to use the same set of rules for both  


Received on Tuesday, 8 November 2016 13:12:30 UTC