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ACTION-2040 - Add wording about xpath 2 backwards compatibility mode not providing type information

ACTION-2041: Provide new spec text for the two function namespaces

ACTION-2042: Add up/down pattern to examples in spec

ACTION-2043: Make changes to json examples according to

ACTION-2044: T update json text to include nested array notation from

ACTION-2045: Fix json according to

Agenda 2015-11-04 Note: An HOUR LATER in Europe

Agenda 2015-11-11

Agenda 2015-11-25

Agenda 2015-11-28

Corrections on JSON support

FYI "Taking control of an uncontrolled vocabulary", using XForms for Linked Open Data

Implementation of JSON support

JSON: another option for the format

JSON: clarify escapes for the @name attribute

JSON: empty arrays

JSON: object="true"

Known XForms Implementations

Minutes 2015-11-11

Minutes 2015-11-25

Modified implementation of JSON conversions

Regrets for todays call

Topic to add to agenda for next call

up/down pattern

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