Erik's recent message reminded me of an issue I have with the  
xforms-submit-error event.

Currently the default action for a submission error is to do nothing:

 Default Action: None

This seems to me to be terribly user-unfriendly. Nothing happens, and it  
is hard to find out what's (not) happening.

I would like to propose that the default action be a message, with  
relevant context information, such as:

 Submission failed

 error-type: result-media-type
 error-message: application/pdf
 resource-uri: http://example.com/submit

(Of course, an implementation could make this even friendlier

 Submission Failed

 Submission to "http://example.com/submit" failed, with error-type  
 This means the server sent data of a type that cannot be processed. The  
type reported was "application/pdf".


Received on Wednesday, 16 April 2014 12:56:24 UTC