Agenda: WSC WG distributed meeting, Wednesday, 2008-06-18

       Web Security Context (WSC) Distributed Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, 18 June 2008
11:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern time


1) Pick a scribe

2) Approve minutes from meetings

3) Weekly completed action items
(Usually checkpointed Friday am, US East Coast time) 
[pending review] ACTION-419: Thomas Roessler to Either strike last para of 
6.4.1 or propose alternative - due 2008-06-06
[pending review] ACTION-426: Thomas Roessler to Incorporate ISSUE-128 text 
- due 2008-06-16
[pending review] ACTION-427: Thomas Roessler to propose language for SSC 
section that covers "locally configured trust anchor is actually shown by 
server" edge case - due 2008-06-06
[pending review] ACTION-441: Thomas Roessler to Draft list of workgroups 
in response to ISSUE-74 - due 2008-06-06
[pending review] ACTION-442: Anil Saldhana to Rephrase 5.1.6 as described 
- due 2008-06-14
[pending review] ACTION-445: Anil Saldhana to Remove the quoted section of 
TLS Errors, concerned with failed status revocation checks - due 
[pending review] ACTION-446: Thomas Roessler to Draft uncontroversial text 
to update section 3.1 and insert it - due 2008-06-10
[pending review] ACTION-450: Anil Saldhana to Update section 5.3 (Mixed 
Content) to include proposal 2 text - due 2008-05-29
[pending review] ACTION-451: Thomas Roessler to Add extension text to 
section 4.1, and possibly merge/reorg sections 3 and 4 - due 2008-06-06
[pending review] ACTION-452: Thomas Roessler to Update 5.5.1 with wiki 
text, and possibly edit 5.1.5 to avoid "pinning" repetition - due 
[pending review] ACTION-456: Thomas Roessler to Say why validated certs 
are worthy of so much reliance, for security considerations - due 
[pending review] ACTION-460: Thomas Roessler to Include ISSUE-208 text in 
section 9 (with edits as needed) - due 2008-06-06
[pending review] ACTION-461: Thomas Roessler to Alter 6.4.1 accordingly - 
due 2008-06-06
[pending review] ACTION-463: Thomas Roessler to Add ISSUE-210 text to 
section 9, with edit to reference "managing user attention" section - due 
[pending review] ACTION-465: Thomas Roessler to Remove sqbrackets from 
identity signal section - due 2008-06-06
[pending review] ACTION-470: Thomas Roessler to Create FPWD of best 
practices for web authors, remove section 8 and references from wsc-xit - 
due 2008-06-06
[pending review] ACTION-475: Thomas Roessler to Move appendix content to a 
new document for "post-june" - due 2008-06-06
[pending review] ACTION-481: Thomas Roessler to write up initial thoughts 
on section 7 conformance testing - due 2008-06-15
[pending review] ACTION-483: Thomas Roessler to Turn "MUST NOT unless" 
into something without negation, around "history mechanism about security 
information", context pinning - due 2008-06-18
[pending review] ACTION-485: Thomas Roessler to Insert "derived" in "web 
user agents MUST NOT display identity information from" - due 2008-06-18
[pending review] ACTION-486: Johnathan Nightingale to Rewrite redirection 
chains part - due 2008-06-18
[pending review] ACTION-487: Mary Ellen Zurko to Review and polish 
Overview section - due 2008-06-18

4) Open Action Items

5) Action items closed due to inactivity 
[pending review] ACTION-479: Maritza Johnson to Pull together usability 
testing data from archives in 2 weeks - due 2008-06-04

6) Agenda bashing 

7) Taking wsc-xit to Last Call (LC)
I'm hoping we're ready to resolve to do this by the meeting. Let's see, 
and if are, let's so resolve.

8) Conforming Implementations
Needed for CR exit. 
We'll need at least two conforming implementations to test against. We're 
currently targeting (at least) Opera and Firefox. 
Continue Firefox discussion this week. Johnthan is this leading 
discussion; he is welcome to invite others. 
We'll pick up where we left off; 6.1.2

9) Next meeting - 18 June 2008

Finish up going over Opera 9.50 as a conforming implementation to test 
Opera will create a wiki page for us to continue on for the walk through 
Yngve, Jan Vidar, and Claudio will be required. Perhaps next week? 

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