wsc-xit issues clean-up

I noticed yesterday that, at some point before last call, there was
a disconnect about who should close issues when the final action was

The following issues are now marked closed in tracker:

- ISSUE-128, strong and weak TLS algorithms
  Agreed upon text was incorporated per ACTION-426.

- ISSUE-133, plugin problems: "How do our definition of Web Page and
  the Robustiness section interact?"
  Agreed upon text was incorporated per ACTION-451.

- ISSUE-200, 200 Should an AA security indication include all
  elements in the evaluation, or just the top document
  We resolved this issue in Oslo; agreed text was incorporated per

- ISSUE-201, Status recording for revocation checks
  Resolved in Oslo, incorporated per ACTION-445.

- ISSUE-202, outdated conformance model
  Resolved post Oslo.
  I'm mildly surprised that I can't find a related action in
  tracker; however, the rewritten Conformance chapter of wsc-ui is
  what we agreed to do about this one.

- ISSUE-203, update security considerations
  Resolved in and post Oslo, per various proposals that (mostly)
  Johnathan made and that were then incorporated.  I haven't
  bothered to track down actions that aren't linked in tracker for
  this one.

- ISSUE-204, dropping square brackets
  Done per ACTION-465; editorial.

- ISSUE-208, human redable names

- ISSUE-210, Warning fatigue

The issues against wsc-ui that remain open relate to last call
comments.  Note that not every last call comment as an issue open
against it in tracker; the authoritative list of last call comments
is, at this point, here:

Thomas Roessler, W3C  <>

Received on Thursday, 21 August 2008 10:36:36 UTC