Re: SAWSDL support in WSMO Studio

Jacek Kopecky wrote:
> The test files marked as feature 0 are plain WSDL documents with no
> SAWSDL annotation, just to check that the implementation also actually
> supports that case.

ok, then WSMO Studio and wsmo4j support N:0 as well

> As for attrExtensions - do you support really arbitrary extensions on
> attrExtensions? The reference file has 
>     <sawsdl:attrExtensions
>         ex:foo="bar"  wsdl2x:safe="true"  sawsdl:modelReference="..."/>
> The idea here is that the API or tool can also make ex:foo and
> wsdl2x:safe available as extensions on the given operation.

arbitrary extensions (outside of the sawsdl namespace) cannot be created 
using wsmo4j or WSMO Studio but such extensions can still appear in the 
SAWSDL file (i.e. created by an external tool), since WSMO Studio / 
wsmo4j will just ignore them without any interpretation / modification



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