Scapa Technologies

Hi all,

I thought I briefly introduce our organisation and myself to the SAWSDL 
group upon joining.
We have recently joined W3C and we are starting to get our participation 
going at the moment. One of the work groups that we would like to focus 
on initially is SAWSDL. Scapa has over recent years developed a 
proprietary approach in order to express application-specific semantics 
in the load testing space that we operate in. The approach is similar to 
SAWSDL although it also provided specific definitions of concepts in our 
application context.
Our platform is based on the Eclipse platform and we are interested in a 
range of WS and SOA standards in general, this being underlined by our 
lead in the BPEL-to-Java subproject in the Eclipse SOA Tools project. We 
are quite excited about the SAWSDL effort and are looking forward to 
participating in the the group.




Stefan Daume
CTO, Scapa Technologies Limited

Phone  +44-131-652-3939

Received on Monday, 30 October 2006 17:51:23 UTC