Re: Some items for discussion (Issue 8: Conflict Resolution Rules)


I agree that we should add rigor and clarity to the resolution rules. If
you have some possible suggestions, please send them along.  I don't think
we can eliminate the need for these rules since there are valid reasons for
putting annotations at both levels.  I am unaware of a way to enforce the
rules.  The schema will not help here and we don't have much else at our

> Item: Conflict Resolution Rules (at the bottom of the section 2 in the
> spec):
> At the bottom of the section 2, we specify a bunch of rules to resolve
> conflicts. Is there a way to formalize these rules or enforce them via
> spec? Or may be we should think about designing things in such a way that
> conflicts don’t arise at all.


Received on Thursday, 11 May 2006 20:12:13 UTC