Re: Some items for discussion

Hi Rama,

> Editorial Comment:
> Why was the example at the beginning taken out? I usually find most specs
> very reader unfriendly. An example upfront is a great way to introduce
> ideas. I strongly believe that we should have a full example at the
> beginning.
The example was moved to the appendix to conform to standard practice in
W3C specs.

> Item: Editorial Change
> Section 2.1 in the current version of the SAWSDL spec refers to ‘action’
> concept. It is actually a modelReference on the operation. So, references
> to ‘action’ should be taken out.

Yes, we will clean this up.

> Item: Editorial Comment
> Should we cleanup the namespaces for examples referring to ibm and lsdis
> web sites to point to more neutral namespaces.

We will.


Received on Wednesday, 26 April 2006 01:05:41 UTC