Re: clarification issue: combining modelReference with attrExtensions/modelReference?

For the record, I raised SAWSDL LC issue 2 [1] and it was resolved by
the SAWSDL WG to my satisfaction.

On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 21:20 +0100, Jacek Kopecky wrote:
> Hi all,
> during the last call, I noticed that we don't seem to cover the case
> when modelReference is used both on an element and on attrExtensions
> within that element. Something like this:
> <wsdl:operation modelReference="a">
>   <sawsdl:attrExtensions modelReference="b"/>
> </wsdl:operation>
> This case only applies to our WSDL 1.1 support, as we forbid the use of
> attrExtensions for SAWSDL in WSDL 2.0.
> I would suggest the following additional text for section 3.1:
>         When using the attrExtensions element for SAWSDL annotation
>         attributes, the parent element of the attrExtensions element
>         MUST NOT contain any SAWSDL annotation attributes.
> Other options might include some kind of overriding or combining of the
> annotations, but I think my suggested approach is the simplest and
> should not introduce any inconvenience.
> I'll log this as a last-call issue 2 and we can discuss it tomorrow at
> the telcon.
> Jacek

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