mex.GetWSDL question

I'm working through the testcases for MEX and I have a question about the 
GetWSDL operation.  Right now GetWSDL acts much like the old GetMetadata 
operation did in that it is up to the service to decide which form to 
return the metadata in - inlined, URL or EPR.  Now that GetMetadata allows 
the client to optionally ask for the metadata in a certain form, I'm 
wondering if we should allow the same option on GetWSDL.  So, perhaps 
something like:
        <GetWSDL Content="xs:anyURI"? > ... </GetWSDL>

Another option would be to be a bit more prescriptive about it and require 
the data be inlined if available, and a URL or EPR only be returned as a 
last change kind of thing.

I'm inclined to keep it simple and not add the optional Content attribute 
but then I do think we need to push people towards the "simple" response 
as well, which means inlining the data.  If enough services choose to 
always return a reference (e.g. http://www.example/stockQuote?wsdl ) then 
clients might get annoyed with not having the option of "just asking for 
the darn data" so that they can avoid the extra MEP.


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Received on Wednesday, 15 September 2010 12:45:38 UTC