Re: Ordering of Assertions: Comment on WS-Policy Primer LCWD

WS-SecurityPolicy discusses order ONLY as an assertion, otherwise there is
no ordering

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  Subject:    Re: Ordering of Assertions:  Comment on WS-Policy Primer LCWD                                              

Hi Dave:
I used the fact that WS-SecurityPolicy discusses order to motivate the
need for order in at least some policies.
I also quoted from the note from Tony Rogers.  Subsequently, there was a
note from Bob Natale who agrees that
order is important but does not like the solution I suggested.

What needs to be made clear is that order is not important in all
policies, but there are situations where it is important
and for these situations we need a solution.


David Orchard wrote:

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>>Subject: Ordering of Assertions: Comment on WS-Policy Primer LCWD
>>In many cases the
>>order in which assertions are processed may not matter, but
>>where it does matter do we need to specify a special
>>assertion for every pair of assertions that need to be
>>ordered? Clearly, this is not feasible as the Policy
>>processing engine will need to be undated whenever a new
>>ordering assertion is added. So, what we need is a
>>general-purpose ordering assertion.
>Your note jumps from assumption to conclusion to design with great
>speed, indeed from assumption to conclusion within 3 sentences.  Those 3
>fleety sentences do not answer my previous emails central question of
>"when does order matter?".  In case my question was missed, perhaps
>because of burdensom length of my previous message, I'll ask again more
>When does order matter?
>Until the use case is agreed by the WG, design discussions are very
>premature IMHO.

All the best, Ashok

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