RE: Ordering of Assertions: Comment on WS-Policy Primer LCWD

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> Subject: Ordering of Assertions: Comment on WS-Policy Primer LCWD
> In many cases the 
> order in which assertions are processed may not matter, but 
> where it does matter do we need to specify a special 
> assertion for every pair of assertions that need to be 
> ordered? Clearly, this is not feasible as the Policy 
> processing engine will need to be undated whenever a new 
> ordering assertion is added. So, what we need is a 
> general-purpose ordering assertion.

Your note jumps from assumption to conclusion to design with great
speed, indeed from assumption to conclusion within 3 sentences.  Those 3
fleety sentences do not answer my previous emails central question of
"when does order matter?".  In case my question was missed, perhaps
because of burdensom length of my previous message, I'll ask again more

When does order matter?  

Until the use case is agreed by the WG, design discussions are very
premature IMHO.


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