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Interop Scenarios and Test Cases - Editorial Ownership (AI 221)

From: Prasad Yendluri <prasad.yendluri@webmethods.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 19:37:33 -0500
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As discussed on the WG call yesterday the editors have taken ownership for
future maintenance of the

Interop Scenarios documents that were submitted with


Please refer to the related WG Action Item on the Editors ACTION-221
<http://www.w3.org/2005/06/tracker/wspolicy/actions/221> .


The Interop Scenario documents and related test case files are now checked

WS-Policy WG CVS workspace and can be found at: 



In the editors' call yesterday we discussed this topic and the following
issues that the 

WG should be aware of and make a conscious decision on, came up:


1.       Is there an alternative document template for test cases?

      e.g. like what WSDL groups has

2.       Should the WG use a framework for test case development?

3.       Who would prepare such a framework?

4.       Who would maintain the framework?

5.       Who would contribute test cases that conform to the framework?

6.       What is the schedule for such a test case framework?

7.       What is the additional cost imposed by a test suite framework on
interop implementers?

8.       What is the interaction between a schedule for test suite framework
development and the CR schedule?

9.       What is the minimum needed to declare victory on CR interop


Thanks to Chris for capturing this in a new WG issue 4311




Prasad Yendluri

For WS-Policy Editorial Team
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